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Dry Eyes is a common condition which affects millions of people every day. It is the inability to produce tears and to lubricate eyes. Even though there is no current cure for Dry Eyes, there are many products available to alleviate and control symptoms. Some causes of dry eyes may include sun and wind exposure, cold or dry air, indoor heating and air conditioning, prolonged computer screen viewing, types of medications and pre existing medical conditions. Signs and symptoms of Dry Eyes are itching, burning, redness and scratchiness of eyes.

TranquilEyes and ThermoEyes is a new way to help with the symptoms of Dry Eyes by using either Moist-Heat or Cold Therapy by way of either gel or bead packs, and specialized goggles. TranquilEyes can also be used to create cold therapies to help reduce symptoms of eye allergies and lid puffiness.

TranquilEyes and ThermoEyes do not replace any medication recommended by your doctor. It should be used in conjunction with your current treatment.